Shimadzu Introduces Advanced LCMS-8050 Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry Equipment


Shimadzu Corporation has announced the launch of its new LCMS-8050 triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS system incorporating the company’s latest ion source and collision cell technology in addition to its proprietary ultrafast technology. The new user friendly, easy maintenance LCMS-8050 Ultra Fast Mass Spectrometry device boasts of advanced high speed performance and best in class sensitivity at world’s fastest data acquisition rates.

Shimadzu’s LCMS-8050 features a newly designed Heated ESI source for improved disolvation and ionization efficiency along with UFsweeper III collision cell which in combination with the equipment’s smaller inlet improves the device performance economically. The use of a newly engineered high voltage power supply ensures a maximum scan speed of 30,000 u/sec with 5 msec polarity switching rate.

The new Shimadzu LCMS-8050 can run 1000 events with up to 32 channels per event for a maximum of 32,000 MRMs per analysis with attogram level sensitivity. The new ion source makes it easier to switch between ion sources or operate in dual ionization mode. The device comes with LabSolutions LCMS Version 5.60 software that offers an intuitive and easy to use interface while seamlessly integrating it with the company’s Nexera and Prominence LC product lines.

Source: Shimadzu Corp.

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