Shimadzu Launches an LC-MS with Two Flow Lines


Nexera MX. Credit: Shimadzu.

Shimadzu has released the Nexera MX, an ultra-fast liquid cromatography-mass spectrometry tandem with capability to analyze twice the number of samples than current LC-MS systems. Workflow is improved with alternate injection of samples in two analytical flow lines.

There is a number of standard steps in LC-MS analysis workflow: sample aspiration, injection in column, elution, detection of target analyte, and column rinsing and equilibration. The MS is active only for a small fraction of the process, waiting in standby most of the time. Researchers have expressed their interest in an improved LC-MS that reduced downtime and the time used for steps other than data acquisition. The new Shimadzu Nexera MX achieves that by combining ultra-fast processing power with an autosampler with fast injection capacity.

Nexera MX technical features

The Nexera MX has two flow lines that work at the same time: while one is performing LC-MS analysis, the other one can equilibrate the column and inject them sample. The process can be sped up with the SIL-30ACMP autosampler, which allows to inject a specimen in 7 seconds thus avoiding bottlenecks. Carryover is practically eliminated, so samples can be continuously analyzed, at 20 seconds per sample.

MX solution is a user-friendly interface with intuitive control of all the analytical operations.The probability of human error is very small, and new users can be trained in a few minutes.

Large data volumes can be analyzed with the Labsolutions Insight software, which quickly analyzes target compounds and displays quantitative results.

Source: Shimadzu

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