Sigma-Aldrich Introduces Novel Scientific Literature Search Engine

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The novel search engine launched recently by Sigma-Aldrich makes it easier for researchers to access peer-reviewed articles, abstract information, biological pathway data and technology queries on the company’s website.

It saves researchers from logging into and navigating through various sites in search of scientific literature by providing a single window allowing them access to full text of millions of peer reviewed papers. It also provides information regarding applications for specific Sigma-Aldrich products in peer reviewed literature in addition to free access to Ingenuity gene and biological pathway database.

This new tool streamlines the scientific search process and helps researchers in their pursuits by offering inspiration, validating the performance or utility of a product or finding supporting papers for experiments and so on. This new search feature, powered by Pubget and Ingenuity Systems Platform can be accessed easily by typing into the main search bar on the company’s website.

Instant full text display, with methods and gene data search is powered by Pubget while the biological search is powered by Ingenuity Systems Platform using Target Explorer web services which furnishes relevant unique up to date biological content as search results.

Source: Sigma Aldrich

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