Sigma-Aldrich Launches New Titan UHPLC Columns

Titan UHPLC Column

Supelco Analytical, a part of Sigma Aldrich group has recently launched the new cost effective, efficient Titan UHPLC Columns. These new columns are manufactured using a novel patent pending Ecoporous silica manufacturing process jointly developed by Supelco and an Irish company, Glantreo Limited.

By using this new process, the company has commercialized the first sub 2µm porous monodisperse silica for UHPLC. The Titan columns have a combined advantage of both solid core and fully porous material, with a high performance of over 250000 plates per meter. The new Titan UHPLC columns find a wide range of applications in organizations and laboratories involved in medicinal chemistry, toxicology, clinical manufacturing etc. One of the major advantages of Titan UHPLC column is the increased throughput at a reduced cost of performance. The Titan UHPLC columns are available at a starting list price of $300.

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