Spectronics Corp. Launches Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker


Spectronics Corporation, the leading manufacturer of ultraviolet equipments and fluorescent materials has launched the new Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker, enabling identification and analysis of trace amounts of nucleic acids in samples with greater sensitivity, speed and accuracy.

The new Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker is 240 times faster than vacuum oven baking; it can bind nucleic acids to membranes covalently in less than 30 seconds. The true-UV-monitoring circuitry in the equipment prevents washout of test results, even as the tubes age. The device packs a programmable microprocessor, has auto-repeat feature and built in help messages along with five 8-W tubes. Some of the applications of this device include removal of PCR contaminants, gene mapping to create thymine dimers, UV sterilization and screening RecA mutation in E coli.

Spectronics Select XLE-Series UV Crosslinker is available in 254, 312 and 365 nanometre versions.

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