Thermo Scientific Launches Aegis 5-14 Single Use Film for Bioprocess Applications

Aegis 5-14

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., has introduced the latest advanced single use film for most demanding cell culture and bioprocess applications at the recently concluded INTERPHEX 2013 in New York. The new Aegis 5-14 film is the first new single use bioprocessing film, Thermo Scientific is launching since the launch of its CX5-14 Film a decade ago.

Aegis 5-14 Film is a five layered, 14 mil cast film produced under cGMP conditions is built on the CX5-14 platform and has been subjected to various stringent tests involving a broad range of bioprocess applications.

Aegis 5-14 Film has an outer layer made of polyester elastomer, coextruded with ethyl vinyl alcohol (EVOH) barrier layer. The product contact layer is composed of an ultra-low density polyethylene. The use of Animal Derived Component Free (ADCF) formula wile manufacturing the film ensures the absence of any animal derived components.

As these single use films are predominantly used for manufacturing biologics and vaccines, Thermo Fisher has extensively tested the Aegis 5-14 Film in multiple cell culture applications, ensuring its physical, chemical and biological compatibility. Aegis 5-14 Film has an extremely clean leachable and extractable profile and is used across the company’s entire spectrum of single use technologies including its 2D HyQ Labtainer and 3D HyQtainer BioProcess Container Systems with capacities ranging anywhere between 50mL to 2000L.

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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