uBiome Moves from the Gut to the Womb

womb bacteriauBiome has announced a partnership with a health and wellness resource for women, HelloFlo for an upcoming crowdsourced study of the microbiomes associated with pregnancy.

The startup associated with demystifying gut microbiome is partnering with HelloFlo for their upcoming product launch meant for pregnant women. A complimentary pregnancy microbiome kit will be included in each pregnancy pack provided by HelloFlo. This opt-in kit will allow curious mothers to send their samples to uBiome for analyzing its bacterial population over different intervals of pregnancy.

Gut to Womb

While uBiome and other researchers have been unveiling secrets about the gut microbiome, the postpartum microbiome research is quite recent and incomplete. Early research findings point towards more areas that seek further research, most importantly the differences in the vaginal microbiome at the different stages of pregnancy and the part they play in the womb. The press release by uBiome points to a research paper published in PLoS, were the researchers hypothesize that womb bacteria could be playing a vital part in pregnancy.

uBiome and HelloFlo are calling for willing participants to take part in this study via indiegogo and their website.

Source: PR Web

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