uBiome Pockets $22 Million to Dig Further in Your Poop

uBiome has two new announcements today: the launch of its new SmartGut fecal microbiome test and a $22 million round of Series B funding aimed towards further unravelling the mystery that is the human gut.

The San Francisco based non-tech startup is treading further into the unknown by expanding its line of gut microbiome unravelling tests by launching the SmartGut test. The SmartGut test will be exploring 16s RNA to identify the kind of micro-organisms that are running things in the intestines and the health problems they cause in people.

UBiome has also a brand new College of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited clinical lab that will help with understanding our closest friends and enemies living in our gut. This is apart from its interest in bacteria involved in the womb during pregnancy.

The company which had its beginning with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, is well ahead on its way to own the largest database of info on gut microbiomes with more than 250,000 individuals sequencing their gut microbiome.

The latest funding round was participated by Slow Ventures, Stanford’s StartX Fund, and various angel investors. Seed funding and acceleration was at Y-Combinator.

Gut microbiomes


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