University of Minnesota to Receive FEI’s First Tecnai Femto Ultrafast Electron Microscope


FEI Company, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance microscopy workflow solutions has introduced new Tecnai Femto Ultrafast Electron Microscope (UEM) for investigating ultrafast events and processes occurring in the scale of femtoseconds. Tecnai Femto UEM is the first device to commercially exploit the patented Ultrafast Electron Microscopy technology developed by the Prof. Ahmed Zawail, a Nobel laureate at Cal Tech.

The revolutionary UEM technology on board Tecnai Femto Ultrafast Electron Microscope combines femtosecond time resolution with nanospatial resolution, making it easier for researchers to observe the movements and structural changes occurring at atomic scale in femtoseconds.

The FEI Tecnai Femto Ultrafast Electron Microscope is based on the company’s Tecnai Transmission Electron Microscope family with some modifications to accommodate laser pulses that stimulate a flash of photoelectrons from electron source and precisely timed laser pulses to provide stimulus to the sample.

Tecnai Femto UEM can operate in both stroboscopic and single pulse modes for observing reversible and irreversible processes respectively. It can also be operated in a conventional beam TEM mode, making it more flexible to suit the needs. The University of Minnesota will be receiving the first commercial FEI Tecnai Femto UEM later this month.

Source: FEI

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