23andMe Begins Sorting Through its Vast Genetic Database

genetics database

With a genetic database of 850,000 people at its personal disposal and the newly hired ex-CSO of Genentech onboard, 23andMe is stepping into Biotech realm with the hopes of mining new drug targets.

After getting into trouble with the FDA over its genetic future predicting $99 tests, 23andMe since then has began its stride towards becoming more like a biotech company. The Google backed company has already received consent from 80% of its customers to use their genetic database for research purposes, mine new diseases and even personalized medicine of their customers. Pfizer and Genentech are already using this database for the same purpose.

By hiring Richard Scheller, a “decorated” Chief Science Officer at Genentech, 23andMe is leading the company into a completely different yet lucrative direction. Scheller will be assembling a team of his own and begin therapeutic drug development as early as next month.

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