Agilent Releases SureGuide Tools to Ease CRISPR/Cas Research

Agilent Gene Modification Tools

Agilent is releasing its next generation gene modification workflow tools called SureGuide encompassing all the tools needed for CRISPR/Cas research.

SureGuide follows other such CRISPR/Cas gene modification (silencing, enhancing or replacing genes) tools from ASMBIO and others that are dedicated to streamline and advance genome editing. The SureGuide workflow includes a Cas9 Nuclease Kit, gRNA Control Kit and a gRNA Synthesis Kit. The SureGuide Cas9 Nuclease prepares DNA fragments, whilethe SureGuide gRNA synthesis kit integrates synthesis with purification. These kits enable any lab to quickly carryout in-vitro CRISPR/Cas gene modifications.


The kits are indicated to be easy-to-use with the same workflow as restriction enzymes. Agilent is indicating that the kits are highly programmable with accurate/specific nuclease activity.

Product Page: Agilent SureGuide

Press Release:  Agilent Technologies Introduces Tools For Next-Generation Genome Engineering

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