Olympus Releases Dedicated Multiphoton Excitation Objectives

Multiphoton Excitation Objectives

New dedicated multiphoton excitation (MPE) objectived from Olympus enables high resolution imaging of whole mouse brain live cells.

The new XLPLN10XSVMP and XLSLPLN25XGMP objectives in the Olympus’ XLPLN series enable the imaging of large intact samples (whole mouse brain) and structural & molecular analysis of other large assembled biological systems at visible and infrared wavelengths.

Why MPE microscopy?

MPE microscopy combines scanning microscopy with multiphoton fluorescence to create high-resolution, three-dimensional images of microscopic samples. It especially is very useful in neuroscience applications.  It has many advantages over scanning microscopy and multiphoton fluorescence :

• greater sample penetration

• higher axial resolution

• reduced photobleaching of marker dyes

• increased cell viability


The newly released objectives offer super long working distance of 8mm offers enough space to work with large samples and a visible light to infrared range of 400-1600 nm allows deeper imaging with minimal damage to the tissue, and is well-suited to combine conventional multicolour MPE imaging with label-free methods like third- and second-harmonic generation. Additional chromatic aberration correction in the IR range correct spherical aberrations across the visible to infra-red (IR) range. Deep macro observation is achieved with high resolution at a large field of view (FOV – 1.8 mm at 10X magnification). A field number of 27.5 provides excellent scattered light collecting abilities and a correction collar allows compensation of refractive index mismatches.

Water, oil and silicon can be used as immersion liquids, along side a diverse range of latest clearing agents. For full range of supported clearing agents, check out the product page.



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