Agilent’s New Compact ProPulse NMR Platform

ProPulse NMR System

Agilent Technologies has introduced its new ProPulse nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy platform for laboratories. The new high performance compact ProPulse NMR System will be available in 500 and 600 MHz variants.

Agilent’s new feature packed ProPulse NMR System allows researchers to set up and run sophisticated NMR experiments in no time. This device, with fully integrated sample automation is supported by the company’s VnmrJ software, providing comprehensive, intuitive user interface to facilitate the generation of high quality data with increased speed and simplicity. User friendly VnmrJ applications like CRAFT (Complete Reduction to Amplitude and Frequency) simplifies NMR for users of all experience levels while delivering fast results for data intense applications. The new ProPulse System integrates Agilent’s DirectDrive and DirectDigital console and receiver into a smaller footprint without compromising their performances to produce a compact, space efficient and yet powerful platform for NMR Spectroscopy.

The VeriPulse toolkit can be used to monitor the system optimize its performance while reducing the maintenance costs. The system can also be monitored remotely with wireless remote status tablet. Agilent ProPulse NMR System is compatible with Agilent’s 7620-AS, 7510-AS random access autosamplers and existing NMR magnets, making it a truly flexible system.

Source: Agilent

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