Co-Mix Multi-format Mixer for Fast & Efficient Sample Mixing

Porvair Co-Mix

The new Co-Mix multi-format mixers introduced by Porvair Sciences can mix samples in 96- and 384- well format microplates, PCR tubes and strips. The compact Co-Mix mixer is a simple, easy-to-use and efficient device with innovative plate holding mechanism.

Co-Mix can be used for mixing PCR and enzyme preparations, ELISA immunoassays, incubated samples and also for resuspending DNA and cell cultures efficiently without any risk of sample spillage or cross contamination. The device has an intuitive touch screen and an innovative plate holding mechanism to support and manipulate different plate formats, ensuring smooth and safe operation. The vortex module in Co-Mix multi-format mixer supports numerous tube formats including micro test tubes.

The Porvair Co-Mix multi-format mixer comes pre-programmed with commonly used mixing profiles, along with an option to add and save new mixing protocols by following simple steps, making the process faster thereby increasing laboratory mixing productivity.

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