AMSBIO’s 3D Spheroid Assay for Cancer Drug Screening


AMSBIO, one of the leading providers of cutting edge products and services for the life science industry has launched a new range of 3D assay for evaluating cell proliferation and viability. The new cell based assay is available in the well known 96 well format.

The new AMSBIO 3D Spheroid Proliferation/Viability Assay kit uses 3D Culture Quantified 96 Well Spheroid Plate along with Spheroid Formation Extracellular Matrix, leading to aggregation or spheroid formation of cells. Up on formation of these spheroids, they are subjected to drug treatment and the viability of tumor cells is evaluated. The tumor spheroid expansion is visualized and quantitated using microscopy and image analysis techniques respectively. The cell viability is assessed by using Resazurin and measuring the resulting fluorescence.

The new AMSBIO 3D Spheroid Assay is an effective tool for in-vitro modelling of tumor response. This assay provides an in-vitro standardized 3D high content format for inducing the formation of multicellular tumor spheroids and quantitating the cell viability in response to the drug treatment.

The spheroids formed have multiple layers of heterogeneous cell population due to the limitations posed by multiple cell layers in the form of a physiological gradient to the diffusion of nutrients, oxygen, catabolites and pH. The cell layers in spheroids resemble close to that of an avascular tumor with proliferating cells layers on the spheroid surface, quiescent cells in the intermediate layers and necrotic cells at the core. Cell seeding ensures uniform spheroid size and physiology, providing a robust and reproducible assay format for drug screening and pathway analysis.

Source: AMSBIO

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