New Cellvento Media from Millipore for MAbs Production


Merck Millipore has launched a new chemically defined cell culture medium of non-animal origin for fed batch processes using CHO-S cell types expressing monoclonal antibodies. The new Cellvento CHO-200 culture media is designed to deliver robust cell growth and consistent high performance, complementing with other Cellvento Feed products.

The absence of hydrolysates and other unknown components in Cellvento CHO-200 ensures a good lot-to-lot consistency. The formulation supports high cell density growth, extended culture duration and long duration of high cell viability, facilitating the production of high protein titers resulting in strong productivity and product quality.

The Cellvento CHO-200 medium and Cellvento Feeds are produced at the cGMP facilities of Merck Millipore in the form of a dry powder using raw materials sourced from reliable suppliers. This ensures the homogeneity of the product, allowing for effective powder dissolution and uniform component distribution, thus ensuring superior cell growth and productivity in batch and fed-batch mode. A liquid version of Cellvento CHO-200 is slated to be launched later this year.

Source: Merck Millipore

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