Leica Launches Two New Microscopy Cameras for Routine Imaging


Leica Microsystems, the leading manufacturers of optical instruments have recently launched two new cameras for routine imaging applications. The two cameras, Leica DMC2900 and Leica DFC3000G are designed for standard brightfield and fluorescence applications respectively.

Both DMC2900 and DFC3000G comes equipped with sensors that allow live imaging at up to 30 frames per second, and they can be connected to the computer through an USB 3.0 interface for faster data transfer. The USB 3.0 interface saves users the time required for documenting their findings and also makes the camera compatible with almost all the desktops and notebooks, offering greater flexibility.

Leica DMC2900 is a USB 3.0 brightfield microscopy camera equipped with 3.1 Megapixel CMOS sensor capable of producing live images at up to 30 fps. This device is ideal for routine brightfield microscopy applications involving capturing, documenting and analyzing color images of microstructures. Leica DMC2900 possesses enough processing power to capture multiple images in mosaic or z-stacks. The CIE-Lab color engine processes images in real-time with stable live image speed. The Leica Application Suite (LAS) software platform ensures high quality imaging and makes analysis and documentation of the processes easier.

Leica DFC3000G, the fluorescence counterpart of Leica DMC2900 is a greyscale USB 3.0 microscope camera with a high sensitive CCD for low light settings. The DFC3000G camera provides live images of up to 30 fps, allowing rapid inspection of samples to protect them from photo damage due to prolonged exposure to light. The passive cooling architecture along with correlated pixel doubling reduces background noise to provide clear fluorescence signals. The device can be combined with both manual and motorized inverted or upright microscopes. The LAS Advanced Fluorescence (LAS-AF) software platform in combination with USB 3.0 interface makes data transfer, analysis and documentation easier.

Both DMC2900 and DFC3000G are compatible with a wide range of microscopes and compliments each other wherever both brightfield and fluorescence applications are needed.

Source: Leica Microsystems

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