Analytik Jena Presented SmartExtraction for DNA Isolation


Analytik Jena presents SmartExtraction at Analytica.

Analytik Jena presented at Analytica the automated DNA extraction method SmartExtraction. The new system combines a patented extraction chemistry (DC-technology) and an intelligent pipette tip, eliminating the need for extra materials or specialized equipment like centrifuges, vacuum stations or magnets.

The DC-Technology doesn’t need phenol/chloroform, ion exchanger,  spin-filter columns or silica or magnetic particle suspension.  It combines chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts with low ionic strength to obtain lysis and binding buffers. The 1 mL filter tip inner Smart Modified Surface binds the desired nucleic acids, which are then efficiently eluted.

The procedure -just pipetting up and down- is simple and easy to automate. It can be applied to any liquid-handling system. High molecular weight DNA can be extracted in high quality and quantity. Quick routines are available for high-throughput applications.

Source: Analytik Jena


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