Beckman Presented the Optima AUC at Analytica

beckman AUC

Beckman presented the Optima AUC at Analytica.

Labcritics attended the Analytica International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis and Biotechnology held in Munich this month. We witnessed the presentation of Beckman’s Optima AUC, a next generation analytical ultracentrifuge with improved optics and software.

The new Optima AUC can be operated through a touch-screen installed on top of the centrifuge. The new software is more intuitive, and allows run-monitoring and data exports. The optics are outside the rotor chamber: the new placement allows for easier cleaning and reduces the negative effect of centrifugal force on the lens.

The Optima AUC allows to perform macromolecular studies that only analytical ultracentrifugation can provide with high precision and accuracy. Molecular weight, stoichiometry, protein aggregation, ligand binding, conjugation efficiency and polydispersity can be determined with AUC, a technique with applications in drug research that enables the detection of viral payload, protein interactions and antibody drug conjugates. Optima AUC can also be used in quality control (API, drug formulation, API and drug product stability and release assays, reference standard evaluation).

Advantages of the Optima AUC

The optima AUC centrifuge sediments particles while its optical module follows the process over time, giving insight into sample molecular weight, shape, conformation and heterogeneity. The main advantages are:

  • Sample recovery
  • No dilution required
  • Matrix free
  • Minimal buffer constraints
  • Detection at low concentrations
  • Low sample volume (0.1 mL)
  • High throughput
  • No standards required

Beckman provides a 2.5 days Optima AUC customer training course covering basic theory, sample preparation, instrument set-up and basic sample analyses focused on velocity sedimentation.

Source: Beckman

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