Asylum Research Introduces blueDrive for its Cypher AFMs


blueDrive photothermal excitation produces ideal drive responses in both air and liquid. Here, the response of a small, high-frequency cantilever was measured using blueDrive. In both air and liquid, the blueDrive response almost perfectly matches the expected simple harmonic oscillator response.

Asylum Research‘s Cypher Atomic Force Microscopes now come with an option to simplify tapping mode imaging with increased accuracy and stability by using blueDrive photothermal excitation. blueDrive uses blue laser instead of conventional piezoacoustic excitation mechanism to photothermally excite the AFM cantilever.

Tapping mode imaging is the most preferred choice as it imparts increased versatility and performance to AFMs and the new blueDrive option makes it even simpler and stable. But tapping mode imaging has been falling out of favour among many manufacturers due to the limitations of piezoacoustic cantilever excitation mechanism. But blueDrive is all set to change it by overcoming the limitations posed by the conventional mechanism, improving it dramatically and the resulting improvement can be experienced across the entire range of tapping mode measurements. It also benefits Asylum Research’s NanomechPro toolkit.

blueDrive is exclusive to the company’s Cypher S and Cypher ES AFMs, compatible with the whole range of tapping mode techniques. It works together with Cypher SpotOn click-to-assign feature and its ideal drive response, avoiding any cantilever tune uncertainty. The laser power can be adjusted to maintain the ideal drive power for probes and it is capable of safely handling temperature sensitive samples as well.

Source: Asylum Research

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