Benchling Adds Protein Tools to its Genetic Toolset

Software for Scientists

Benchling is adding new protein tools to its version control collaboration genetic toolkit.

San Francisco based online gene-editing and collaboration platform, Benchling has introduced new set of tools helping molecular biologists to identify and annotate protein sequences. It enables directly importing proteins from a DNA sequence by highlighting a section of DNA that the researcher is currently working on. Users can also obtain biochemical properties of their sequences in the same place by selecting a particular set of sequence.

The current tools don’t go as far as to allow user to edit and visualize the sequenced proteins, it’s a start in the right direction aimed to give useful tools to researchers. The benchling team as always is open to suggestions for new features and we hope will be as quick as they have always been in implementing features requested by their clients.

Benchling has also enabled CRISPR research in the form of sgRNA gene fragments, becoming the second cloud provider after Desktop Genetics with CRISPR focused gene designing tools.

Read more about how you can add your protein sequences here: “Use Benchling to import and analyze proteins!”


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