Instrumentl : Automating Grant Search & Application

Research Grant Applications

Among the newest batch of startups being incubated at Y-Combinator is Instrumentl, a research grant search and automated application platform for making researchers like that much easier.

While describing Instrumentl, one can only wonder why hadn’t we thought about it while applying to thousands of mind numbing research grant applications. The platform saves researchers the stress of deadlines and valuable time by asking them to upload their details and submitting grant applications automatically immediately when matched with a matching grant. Although there will be a surge in applications for the grant committee to judge from (could be another potential area where another startup could step in to screen all applications! for the committee). The company also promises to keep track of all grants both private and federal so that there is no need to constantly search the web for new announcements.

The grant application platform will be incubated among the who’s who of international startups at Y Combinator. The accelerator has been increasingly directing its focus on biotech and research based startups in the past few years, ScienceExchange and being one of them. The company will be receiving an investment of $120k in Instrumentl which is already racking upwards of $200000 annually in subscriptions. Individual accounts costs between $29 / month to $35 / month for group accounts. Reputed universities like University of Oxford, McGill and Cornell have already signed up on the platform. If you want to try it out, go ahead and do it with their free trial.

Source: A Little Birdie

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