Bio-Rad Launches iTaq Universal One-Step Kits for RT-qPCR


Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. has announced the launch of iTaq universal SYBR Green one-step kit and iTaq universal probes one-step kit for real-time RT-qPCR applications. These new highly efficient and versatile kits are suitable for use under most reaction conditions on any qPCR instruments.

These one-step kits contain ready to use reaction mix with iScript reverse transcriptase for RT-qPCR and is available in 2x concentration. These kits are compatible with a broad range of instruments and can withstand and operate under wide range of reaction and protocol conditions. The inclusion of multiple passive reference dyes in these kits makes them useful on qPCR instruments requiring ROX fluorescent dyes. Bio-Rad’s one-step RT-qPCR kits with RNase H+ iScript reverse transcriptase and antibody mediated hot start iTaq DNA polymerase combo greatly improves PCR efficiency, dynamic range, data precision, sensitivity and specificity in reactions.

The iTaq universal SYBR Green one-step kit has a combination of SYBR Green I dye and company’s patented RT inhibitor reducer .Bio-Rad’s  iTaq universal probes one-step kit allows efficient multiplexing,  improving data precision and reducing costs. Bio-Rad’s iTaq universal one-step kits can be used for a wide range of genomic applications including gene expression analysis, mutation detection, GMO characterization, genetic profiling and many more.

Source: Bio-Rad

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