IDT Adds Two New Probes to its PrimeTime qPCR Range


Integrated DNA Technologies has added two new probes to its PrimeTime qPCR range of products. The new PrimeTime Eco Probe and PrimeTime Mini LNA Probe provide users with cost effective mid-scale range options for gene expression and genotyping experiments.

The new PrimeTime Eco Probe at a normalized yield of 2.5 moles lasting for about 500 reactions, bridges the gap between company’s PrimeTime Mini qPCR Probe with 0.5 nmole normalized yield at 100 reactions and the 100 nmoles synthesis scale with minimum guaranteed yield of 10nmoles. PrimeTime Eco Probe is available with FAM/ZEN/IA Black FQ dye/quencher combinations.

The PrimeTime Mini LNA probe is used for low cost preliminary experiments for optimizing LNA probe design. PrimeTime Mini LNA probes can be used to carry out as few as 100 reactions, joining the existing 250 nmole PrimeTime LNA probes designed for large scale screening, offering more than 8000 reactions. IDT’s PrimeTime Probes can be ordered here.

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