Bio-Rad Launches New Electrophoresis Kits to Make FastCast Gel Chemistry Available to Handcast Gel Users

Bio-Rad TGX FastCast Kit

Bio-Rad Laboratories, a leading manufacturer and distributor of life science research and clinical diagnostics products has announced the launch of its new TGX FastCast acrylamide and TGX Stain-Free FastCast acrylamide kits for handcast gel users. Until now, the goodness of the company’s TGX gel chemistry was available only with precast gels.

In comparison with conventional Tris-HCl handcast gels, FastCast gels take half the time to polymerize and can run protein electrophoresis thrice as fast, saving valuable time and ensuring rapid results. The TGX FastCast kit allows users to handcast PAGE gels with faster run times and efficient protein transfer while providing consistent reproducible results. The stain-free version of TGX FastCast allows protein detection in less than 5 minutes with the company’s stain free imaging systems while allowing users to conduct visual checks during each step of protein electrophoresis and western blotting workflows. It also enables total protein normalization for correcting loading errors.

The Bio-Rad TGX kits have a shelf life of about 4 weeks compared to conventional kits that can’t last for more than a week, allowing users to cast multiple gels beforehand and use them over a period of time.

Source: Bio-Rad

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