BioChain Presents a Totally Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

BioChain has released the AnaPrep (Automated Nucleic Acid Preparation System), a nucleic acid extraction platform based on magnetic beads technology. The process consists of three simple steps: 1. Load samples, 2. Run program, 3. Collect purified samples. Highly pure nucleic acids from different materials like blood, tissue, formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue, and many more. The samples are ready to use in most applications; PCR, qPCR, NGS and genotyping are among them.

BioChain has designed two models, AnaPrep12 and AnaPrep 24, to run up to 12 or 24 samples in parallel without wasting valuable resources and reagents. The processing unit carries out the pre-programmed extraction protocols, loaded by reading a barcode. The use of pre-filled reagent cartridges and disposable plastics minimizes contamination and liquid handling mistakes. All procedures are done by the instrument. UV illumination and unidirectional piston movement further reduce contamination.

anaprep purification technology

AnaPrep kits are equipped with 3 specific reaction chambers. Heating reactions happen in one chamber. The other two chambers are polygonal-shaped and are used for nucleic acid-bead complex formation, separation, and washes.


anaprep reaction chamber
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Source: BioChain

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