BioFire’s GI Diagnosis Panel Detects 23 Target Pathogens

Biofire Filmarray

BioFire, the molecular biology affiliate of bioMerieux has launched the new FilmArray Gastrointestinal Panel which recently received FDA clearance. FilmArray Gastrointestinal (GI) Panel is essentially the most comprehensive GI test in the market for diagnosing infectious diarrhea. Unlike current diagnostic practices that requires laborious laboratory tests following physical and faecal examination, the FilmArray GI Panel covers up to 23 targets including bacteria, viruses and protozoa from common pathogens such as rotavirus, Campylobacter and Giardia lamblia to toxin-producing microorganisms and even diarrheagenic E.coli.

This system integrates reverse transcription, PCR and detection where by it performs a nested multiplex PCR, followed by an analysis based on the endpoint melting curve data. Results are generated for individual target, reported as ‘detected’ or ‘not detected’. The system is easy to use – no pipetting required and fast – hand-on time of approximately 2 minutes and turnaround time of about an hour.

With the development of the FilmArray GI Panel, diagnostic laboratories could possibly omit time consuming culture where laboratory scientists are required to choose between selective and differential media. The GI panel also aids in instant treatment decisions for patients which is particularly critical during outbreaks or in those who are suffering from enterotoxin-mediated diarrhea.

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