Shimadzu Presents the Best Triple Quadrupole GCMS So Far


Shimadzu introduced last week the GCMS-TQ8040: the most accurate, cost-effective and easy to use triple quadrupole GCMS ever. The new device improves throughput and operability aspect of its predecessor, GCMS-TQ8030 while conserving the ppt (1 trillionth) level sensitivity. This equipment, designed primarily for the clinical, food safety and environmental applications features a pesticide database with additional databases on its way for rest of the applications.

Shimadzu’s  GCMS-TQ8040 is the first Triple Quadrupole with smart productivity, performance and operation. It allows simultaneous multicomponent analysis with ultra-high sensitivity and high speed. These levels of accuracy and throughput are achieved thanks to the combination of Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometry (UFMS) and Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM) based on Shimadzu’s patented UFsweeper TM technology. The GCMS-TQ8040 can simultaneously analyze over 400 components, more than twice the capability of existing models. Analysis time can be shortened from 120 minutes to 40 minutes.

Operation is improved with the new software. Smart MRM is a method creation function that automatically sets the optimal measurement time for each component. Furthermore, a new firmware protocol has been introduced to heighten data loading efficiency. The GCMSsolution control software has new functions that dramatically improves the time required for registering new compounds that are not among the 480 compounds already in the database.

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Product Video:

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