BioTek Introduces BioStack 4 Microplate Stacker for Increased Throughput and Productivity


BioTek Instruments Inc., manufacturer of microplate instrumentation and software has introduced a new microplate stacker for routine microplate processes. The new BioStack 4 Microplate Stacker offers walk-away automation, capable of de-lidding and re-lidding the microplates while exchanging plates in less than 10 seconds to increase speed, throughput and productivity.

The new BioTek BioStack 4 has a small footprint and is compatible with low volume microplates with anywhere between 24 to 1536 wells and heights up to 22mm. Depending up on the individual throughput needs, interchangeable 10, 30 or 50 plate stacks are also available. ¬†BioStack 4 is compatible with the company’s other dispensing, reading and imaging systems. The Liquid Handling Control Software or Gen5 Data Analysis Software is responsible for integrating the new BioStack 4 with other equipments. BioStack 4 can be used for a wide range of applications including cell based assays, ELISAs, kinetic studies etc.

Source: BioTek Instruments Inc.

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