DiscoveRx Launches BioMAP Panel for Cancer Drug Discovery


DiscoveRx Corporation, involved in manufacture of next generation drug discovery platforms has launched the new BioMAP panel through its BioSeek division. BioMAP is the first primary human cell based assay platform developed for cancer research. The impact of chemical compounds on tumour cells in in-vivo conditions in humans can be predicted along with potential clinical outcomes of these drugs in terms of their efficacy and safety using BioMAP panels.

BioMAP panel supports the development of predictive and physiologically relevant chemical compounds for cancer treatment at early discovery and pre-clinical stages, reducing the instances of late stage compound attrition in drugs after their approval for clinical use. BioMAP panels are capable of capturing human tumour-host activities and their regulation using different clinically relevant mono-therapies and drug combinations, making it easier to study such interactions. In cases of combination therapies, the compounds involved have to be developed independently to determine the right dosages, and these predictive BioMAP models can be used to test preclinical strategies involving approved drugs and compounds under development.

Source: DiscoverRx

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