Bruker Launches New Ultra High Resolution maXis HD QTOF System


Bruker Corporation, the leading manufacturer of high performance scientific equipments has launched a new Ultra High Resolution Quadrupole Time-of -Flight (UHR-QTOF) system for top down proteomic analysis and biopharmaceutical characterization. The new maXis HD UHR-QTOF launched at the 12th Human Proteome Organization World Congress offers the best in class full sensitivity resolution of over 75,000 and the new High Definition Collision (HDC) cell incorporated into the system ensure full sensitivity mass resolution while increasing its capabilities beyond other QTOF systems in the market.

Bruker maXis HD can easily achieve a dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude in a second of LC time, thanks to the 50 Gbit/sec sampling technology and the highly sensitive mass transfer ion source technology. The instrument allows direct identification and quantification of low abundance compounds in UHPLC peaks. Bruker maXis HD , in combination with the company’s proprietary real time SmartFormula 3D software offers high throughput solutions for true unknown screening and ab initio determination of elemental composition of samples. Bruker maXis HD can be used for a wide range of applications including identification and characterization of small molecules, food, forensic and environment screening, metabolomics and proteomics.

Source: Bruker

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