EMD Millipore Launches Clarisolve Depth Filter for Clarifying Pretreated Feed Streams

Clarisolve_EMD Millipore

EMD Millipore has introduced new Clarisolve depth filter with gradient density structure for fast and efficient clarification of high density pre-treated feed streams. The new Clarisolve filters are designed specifically for pre-treated feed streams by keeping their particle size distribution in mind. It is a single stage filter that eliminates the need for consecutive clarification stages, thus reducing its footprint.

Clarisolve depth filter is better than other available depth filter technologies currently available in the market in terms of volumetric capacity and reduced turbidity. EMD Millipore’s Clarisolve filter can be fully incorporated easily into single use process trains as it removes the need of centrifugation out of the equation. Clarisolve depth filters also have reduced pre-use flushing requirements.

Clarisolve depth filters can be used along with the company’s cationic pDADMAC ( ploy diallylmenthyl ammonium chloride) flocculation agent for pre-treatment in biopharmaceutical applications. Clarisolve depth filters are available for lab, pilot and process scales in disposable pod form and they prove to be very useful in solving the issues faced by traditional downstream clarification methods while processing high cell density and high product titer cell cultures.

Source: EMD Millipore

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