Bruker Launches the Opterra II™ Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope

Bruker has announced the release of the Opterra II™ Multipoint Scanning Confocal Microscope. The Opterra II™ is a high speed, quantitative live-cell miscroscope characterized by low photo-toxicity and photo-bleaching and the best available real-time adjustment of imaging speed, resolution, and sensitivity.

The Opterra II™ is based on Bruker’s patented multipoint confocal microscopy technology and swept-field scanner. It has several features that make it superior to spinning disk systems: superior quantitative optical performance, ease of use, flexibility of operation, and applications for long term live-cell studies. The new microscope enables advanced live-sample research, including protein localization and trafficking, and nuclear, microtubule and vesicle dynamics. The experimental conditions are kept as physiological as currently technology makes possible.

Opterra II characteristics
  • Flexibility in speed, resolution, and fluorescence intensity enabling optimization of experimental conditions across an array of life science research areas
  • Field uniformity enabling quantitative analysis of acquired images in all dimensions
  • Low phototoxicity/bleaching enabling time-lapsed volumetric studies even on the most sensitive specimens
  • Options for bypass capability for wide-field, bright-field, and TIRF imaging
  • High-speed 10-position filter wheel
  • Photo-activation, spectral imaging and un-mixing capabilities.

Source: Bruker

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