Cellexus Launches Feature Packed CellMaker PLUS Single Use Bioreactor System


Cellexus Limited, a UK based single use bioreactor manufacturer has recently launched CellMaker PLUS for microbial applications. CellMaker PLUS is a robust, highly flexible, easy to use single use bioreactor for cell culture that features a novel airlift technology which increases aeration to facilitate high product yields.

The CellMaker PLUS uses the company’s CellMaker PLUS Bags – single use cell culture bags fitted with disposable pH and Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensors that are controlled by the CellMaker PLUS system. The novel airlift technology used in this system replaces shakers, rockers and other equipment otherwise used in conventional disposable systems for mixing and aeration purposes. Airlift is a patented air dispersion system that aerates CellMaker Bags from its base. It also mixes the contents by heating the aqueous solution inside the bag using a heating element present on the inner surface of the CellMaker/CellMaker PLUS systems. This produces a low density riser current which rises along with the gas while the higher density down coming current displaces it. The airlift system is simple, economical and can easily be scaled to meet varying requirements.

The DO sensor inside the bag and the temperature sensor located in the device ensures that the culture is well aerated and oxygen levels maintained to suit the requirements to achieve optimal cell growth and obtain high product yields. The system’s automated pH control mechanism monitors the pH levels of the culture and adds acid or base to adjust and maintain optimal pH.

CellMaker PLUS features a simple, user friendly system control with a touch screen display for user input. Real time process conditions is displayed on the screen and also stored in CSV format on board the system for easy manipulation. The CellMaker PLUS system is designed to meet the customer needs perfectly, and the company is working further on making it even better by launching peripheral products for the CellMaker range in near future.

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