Go Paperless with Agilent’s Enhanced Electronic Laboratory Notebook

Agilent Openlab ELN

Agilent Technologies’ revised version of electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), OpenLAB ELN 4.2, is now available for scientists and laboratory managers. The ease and speed with which users can capture, store, catalog and retrieve laboratory information with OpenLAB ELN 4.2 outperforms its competitors Labguru, Syapse and LabArchives.

Unlike Labguru’s file uploading function, convenient cross-team collaboration and data sharing is achieved with the new SendTo function in OpenLab ELN 4.2, which enables users to drag and drop files, copy and paste content, or type and send text to other OpenLAB ELN users. The virtual printer acts as a snapshot tool, allowing the capture of scientific results in PDF format from any application. Besides, imported Excel or Word files can be edited within OpenLAB ELN. Both Agilent and LabArchives ELNs’ compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 safeguards intellectual property and maintains traceability of data and records.

While Syapse is more applicable for clinical laboratories; Labguru and LabArchives suit diagnostics and teaching or university laboratories, respectively; Agilent Technologies’ OpenLAB ELN 4.2 would be a researcher’s choice.

Source: Agilent

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