Bioline Launches MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit for Direct Whole Blood PCR

Bioline MyTaq Blood PCR

Researchers can now expect faster protocols, higher yields and superior performance with the release of MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit by Bioline, a subsidiary of Meridian Bioscience, Inc. This new kit is developed to match with similar kits like Thermo Scientific’s Phusion Blood Direct PCR Kit and KAPA BiosystemsKAPA Blood PCR Kits available in the market. MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit enables highly-specific PCR directly from whole blood samples of humans and a wide range of animals including birds, cats, cows, dogs, horses, mice and pigs. It can also be used with blood samples preserved using heparin, citrate, or EDTA.

This kit eliminates the need for sophisticated extraction and purification steps and thereby it not only shortens protocol times and minimizes hands-on time, but also reduced the risk of contamination. The typical PCR inhibitors present in blood samples including the anticoagulants EDTA, citrate and heparin are overcome by specifically engineered DNA polymerase with increased sensitivity and improved PCR success rates.

The MyTaq Blood-PCR Kit has been validated and is ideal for multiplexing, high-throughput genotyping assays, GC rich and longer amplicon applications. It is therefore highly suited for research and clinical diagnostic laboratories as well as biotechnology companies.

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