Ocean Optics Launches New Compact STS-UV Microspectrometer


Ocean Optics has launched a new compact, high performance spectrometer that can be integrated into spectroscopy instrumentation and devices wherever small footprint is desired. The new STS-UV Microspectrometer with a dimension of 40 mm X 42 mm x 24mm is designed and optimized for a wide range of applications in the UV (190-650 nm) range.

The STS-UV Microspectrometer can be used for applications including absorbance measurements, emission spectroscopy, laser characterization and POC diagnostics. The device is capable of measuring absorbance even in dilute solutions, thanks to its high signal to noise and a wide dynamic range. STS-UV is the latest addition to the other STS range of devices available for visible (350-800 nm) and short-wave infra-red (650-1100 nm) spectral range. The performance specifications and dimensions of STS-VIS and STS-NIR is comparable to that of STS-UV.

The STS UV Microspectrometer is anchored by a 1024-element detector in a crossed Czerny Turner optical bench to ensure its performance levels are at par with other expensive larger spectrometers. The device has a high thermal stability performance and low baseline drift that ensures the data remains safe under changing conditions. The STS-UV can be seamlessly integrated to machines running on Java, Linux or Windows. All STS devices are compatible with Ocean Optics’ OceanView spectroscopy software.

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