Cleaver Scientific Makes DNA Electrophoresis Safer and Effortless


Cleaver Scientific is releasing new Safe series of DNA Electrophoresis kits/tools that remove the need for carcinogenic Ethidium Bromide stain and UV light.

Using a new anti-mutagenic stain known by runSAFE, Clever Scientific is removing the need for known mutagen and carcinogen Ethidium Bromide that can cause the DNA which is being experimented on. Apart from this using Ethidium Bromide causes damage to skin and eyes.

Convenience without Harmful Chemicals

While traditional DNA electrophoresis research mostly includes repetitive steps where multiple blind stop and start steps necessary to make sure the process is complete. The Safe series removes these steps with the help of another patented technology called runVIEW, which uses blue LED gel illuminator instead of UV to take images to identify the position of the bands in the gel. runDOC is a benchtop gel documentation system cum mini-darkroom, that documents the position of the bands at different intervals. runVIEW and runDOC remove the need to keep checking to see if the Electrophoresis is completed.

By combining runSAFE, runVIEW and runDOC, Cleaver Scientific is cutting the steps needed to run DNA gel electrophoresis and making it safer as well. Electrophoresis is one of the most time consuming steps in a laboratory that has the highest chances of going wrong. Whats worse is reproducibility of experiments is almost next to none when running these gels. Cleaver Scientific is aiming to give researchers the capability to separate and run DNA bands in real-time, by giving complete control over the process without the need to harmful chemicals or rays or even a special dark room.

Source: Cleaver Scientific

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