Corning Introduces Epic BT Label-free Detection System

corning epic bt

Corning Inc., well known for its Gorilla glass used in many electronic devices is also known for its high technology systems for a wide range of applications including life sciences. The company has introduced the newest member of its Epic platform for life sciences industry.

The new Corning Epic BT is the industry’s first optically based, single mode benchtop label-free detection system for cell based and biochemical assays. Corning’s Epic BT System is a feature packed device with simple easy to use data collection software and it uses a charge coupled device (CCD) to detect wavelength shift for analyzing whole microplates. The new system improves assay capabilities drastically and it sports a compact design which in combination with its economical pricing point provides easy access to Epic technology, making it ideal for researchers and laboratories.

The new device, built upon the legacy of high quality, label free technology of its Epic predecessors offers additional advanced features and technology including additional detection modality with valuable cellular information, well suited for developing ion channel assays.

The new Corning Epic BT System is compatible with the company’s both 96 well and 384 well Epic microplate formats and it analyses all the wells simultaneously, without causing any microplate movement. The device features a simple CCD detection module instead of spectrometers and it is capable of reading the whole microplate in three seconds for faster interpretation of biological events. It can be used for analyzing both cell based and biochemical assays. It also includes simple data collection software for effective data capture and interpretation, enabling the delivery of affordable, fast and highly accurate solutions.

Source: Corning

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