DNA Spectrum Launches myDNA Safe DNA Storage Product


DNA Spectrum, a DNA profiling company has introduced a new myDNA Safe secure DNA storage system that allows individuals to store their genome over a period of time. MyDNA Safe is available in different packages at affordable prices.

Using DNA Spectrum’s myDNA Safe requires collection of DNA sample, which involves nothing more than a simple cheek swab using the collection kit provided by the company. The kit provide free of cost, upon purchasing a storage package is to be shipped back along with the sample. DNA Spectrum is currently offering 4 different packages lasting one, two, five and ten years at a cost of $60, $96, $180 and $240 respectively. Up on expiry of the initial term, the storage fee is billed annually at the initially selected price. After storing their genome in myDNA Safe, customers can view details and subscribe anytime on their myDNA online account.

Customers can store their entire genome on myDNA Safe for future medical and historical screening and a range of genetic tests. The stored genetic information also can also be used for law enforcement and forensics. Including stored genetic information along with missing people’s entries in crime databases helps expedite and simplify the identification process in time sensitive cases. It also helps in identifying the remains of John/Jane Does, helping solve a lot of cases. DNA storage helps individuals in personal levels and also assist medical, law enforcement and forensic agencies.

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