EMD Millipore Launches Eshmuno A Media and Chromabolt Columns for Chromatography Applications


EMD Millipore, the life sciences division of Merck KgcA has added two more products to its chromatography portfolio by introducing Eshmuno A chromatography media and Chromabolt prepacked columns.

The new Eshmuno A, designed for purification of monoclonal Antibodies (MAbs) and Fc-containing proteins is a rigid high capacity affinity chromatography media with acid and alkaline resistance. The new media offers higher binding capacities in comparison to other protein A media commercially available in the market. The new Eshmuno A media maintains high dynamic binding capacities even after being cleaned and sanitized repeatedly. The orthogonal solution offered by the media removes aggregates from both front and tail ends of elution peak from the protein A column, reducing the need of subsequent chromatography steps while purifying Fc-containing proteins. The Eshmuno A media increases productivity while keeping the costs lower.

EMD Millipore’s Chromabolt prepacked, pre-validated chromatography columns, designed specifically for early stage clinical stage manufacturing is available with different chromatography resins. The Chromabolt columns are pre-validated and available in 10, 20 and 32 cm i.d sizes packed with Fractogel SO3, Fractogel TMAE HiCap and Eshmuno S resins. These prepacked columns are compatible with all available chromatography systems and connectors, and the easily accessible inlets and outlets makes assembling simpler and faster than traditional columns.

Source: EMD Millipore

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