Genevac Releases the EZ-2 Evaporator

8758-6554-mGenevac has released the EZ-2, an evaporator system for multi-user environments with a suite of pre-programmed methods. Its durability and ease of use make it a good choice for students. It can find applications in chemistry, pharmacology, biology, natural product and environmental science departments.

The EZ-2 is a very intuitive device that can run unattended and needs only a 5 min training. It can be used with almost any kind of sample holder: round-bottom flasks up to 500ml, tubes up to 150mm long, vials, custom reaction blocks, shallow and deep-well microplates. The EZ-2 can remove even very high boiling solvents such as DMSO and NMP.

The EZ-2 Elite evaporator features an extra advantage: the SpeedTrap™ condenser, with automatic defrost and drain technology.

Source: TheScientist


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