IBM Watson Gets Curious About Gut Microbiome, Goes Digging w/ Viome


Gut microbiome seems to have become the new mystery of the human body after genetic code to pique the interest of biotech researchers as well as motivated billionaires.

Viome, a microbiome focused startup founded by billionaire Naveen Jain has partnered with IBM Watson to apply Machine-learning to the area of gut microbiome. Viome just didn’t stop there, it even has IBM’s vice president of cognitive computing Guru Banavar as Viome’s Chief Technological Officer.

After understanding the human genetic code and its limitations in affecting lifestyle and health, researchers have now turned their focus inwards (literally) into the daily influence of microorganisms in digestion, disease and development. Even those living on our skin, blood and sexual organs along with the diseases/benefits they provide.

One of the most successful ones to latch on to the new trend was San Francisco based uBiome, founded in 2012. uBiome provides its own kits that allow people to send in their samples and get their gut microbiome decoded. Other high profile entrants include Kallyope, Evelo Therapeutics, Epibiome, Rebiotix, C3 Jian and many others.

Viome Artificial Intelligence

Viome is backed by technology from Los Alamos National Lab that is working on understanding and reengineering gut and blood bacteria. Home testing kits along with an artificial intelligence backed app will provide users with details results and tips on changing their dietary habits to improve their overall health or even predict/diagnose diseases.



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