LabWorm: Discover Latest LabTools in One Place

Lab tools

LabWorm is a new website highlighting new and existing tools meant for researchers on a daily and weekly basis. The site is similar to ProductHunt, a website that highlights viral products and services, but with a focus primarily on tools meant for researchers.

LabWorm has already garnered praise from its users for helping them discover new tools and products that make their research easier. It’s focus on online tools helps new research tools reach out to its large user group. This is usually a problem for tool developers who lack the right beta tester groups to test products in development. LabWorm users can provide valuable inputs and help improve the tools even further and quicker.

Meanwhile a simple voting system allows votes for newly listed products to enable gamification. This concept is borrowed directly from ProductHunt which allows users to rate which weekly tool helped them the most. This allows other users to skip to the most rated tools and services instead of testing all of them together.

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