New iKon-L HF Fiber Optic Camera by Andor for Spectroscopy Applications


Andor Technology plc, provider of scientific imaging and spectroscopy solutions has recently launched the new iKon-L HF fiber optic camera designed to deliver the highest optical, high transmission and spatial resolution performance at ultra low noise levels. The new iKon-L HF camera features a back-illuminated sensor with highest quantum efficiency of 95% along with a single directly bonded FOP and spring loaded “Soft Dock” mount.

Andor’s iKon-L HF fiber optic camera can be effectively used for both direct and indirect high energy applications involving both soft and hard X-rays for high spatial resolution imaging of low influx signals. The camera is available in three standard configurations with an option to make further modifications to suit the requirements. Andor iKon-L HF camera can be mounted on to various fragile instrumentation, image intensifiers and streak cameras, all thanks to the “Soft Dock” spring loaded fiber optic feature which also allows placement of off-the-shelf scintillators. Andor iKon-L HF camera can be used for a range of research applications including Extreme UV Spectroscopy, XUV reflectometer, Time Resolved X-ray Diffraction and Table-top coherent X-ray. It can be operated using the company’s SOLIS software interface or other third party software including MATLAB labVIEW and EPICs. All these features make iKon-L HF camera a truly versatile flexible tool that can be easily optimized to keep up with the ever changing requirements in the near future.

Source: Andor

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