Latest Version of GeneCards Database now Available

GeneCards Screenshot

LifeMap Sciences Inc., a biomedical knowledgebase company has released the latest version of its GeneCards database. The new GeneCards Ver 3.11 with multiple additional features offers comprehensive information on all human genes, which is accessed by professionals from various education and commercial institutions, patent offices and research hospitals across the globe to understand the gene-related aspects of biology and medicine.

GeneCards is developed at the Crown Human Genome Center of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Its latest version has over 122000 human gene entries which includes more than 77000 non protein coding RNAs, along with disease-gene list. The proteomics section in the new GeneCards contains tissue expression data from MAXQB. The disease- gene list is linked to the company’s MalaCards, a database for human maladies and their annotations. Apart from these, the GeneCards database features information from other databases like UniProtKB, HGNC and IUPHAR.

GeneCards Suite includes GeneDecks -a novel analysis tool for exploring gene sets in the database, GeneALaCart -A batch querying application for retrieving information on multiple genes and GeneLoc to create an integrated map for human chromosomes using GeneCards data.

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