Sigma-Aldrich’s ONYX QUENCHER for qPCR and Beyond

ONYX Quencher

Sigma Life Science, a division of Sigma-Aldrich Corporation has brought an improvement in qPCR’s assay signal quality by adding the latest quencher to its product portfolio. The new ONYX QUENCHER is a proprietary dark quencher for qPCR that produces heat instead of light upon excitation.

The new ONYX QUENCHER is available in four different versions for use in qPCR and also for other applications. The signal to noise ratio with ONYX QUENCHER is greater in comparison with TAMRA and other traditional quenchers. This new product has proved itself in tests conducted with widely used popular reporter dyes by eliminating light over an excitation maximum range from 515 to 661 nm. Apart from its qPCR uses, Sigma-Aldrich’s ONYX QUENCHER is ideal for developing laboratory and molecular diagnostics tests and other life science research tools.

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