Magritek Introduces Spinsolve Compact NMR Device

magritek spinsolve

Magritek, manufacturer of compact NMR and MRI devices has introduced its latest compact NMR spectrometer at the recently concluded PITTCON 2013. Spinsolve is a compact benchtop spectrometer offering fast and high resolution NMR spectroscopy solutions suitable for education and research purposes in chemistry.

Magritek’s compact Spinsolve NMR spectrometer uses the standard 5mm NMR tubes for quick sample loading and unloading samples which combined with the compact benchtop nature of nature of the equipment allows for real time monitoring of reactions.

The new Spinsolve compact NMR spectrometer is controlled by a easy to use software running on a separate PC designed such that the users can operate Spinsolve with minimal training and the presence of fast automatic lock presents the user with the choice to use deuterated solvents or not.

Upon acquiring the spectrum, the results can be viewed directly, printed or exported immediately and the data can be opened using third party NMR software as well. Spinsolve is highly sensitive and has the best signal to noise ratio compared to any other benchtop NMR spectrometers currently in the market. It can easily measure concentrated samples in about 10 seconds and a good spectrum for diluted sample can be obtained in less than 10 minutes, making it ideal for college laboratories.

Source: Magritek

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