Malvern Instruments Launches Viscosizer 200 for Biopharmaceutical Development


Malvern Instruments, known for its analytical instruments has recently launched the new Viscosizer 200. The new device, a part of the company’s Bioscience Development Initiative is designed to deliver viscosity and molecular size data of UV-active samples.

Malvern’s Viscosizer 200 is specially designed to meet the requirements for the development of biological formulations. It can use volumes as less as 10 µL to obtain the molecular size and viscosity. The device plays an important role in early development screening requirements involving extremely low sample volumes at high sample concentrations under formulation conditions associated particularly with biopharmaceuticals development.

Viscosizer 200 is capable of measuring viscosity anywhere in between the range of 0.9 cP to 120 cP by making use of a dual pass capillary design to obtain a more precise accurate result as compared to conventional capillary viscometry. It performs sizing analyses to measure the hydrodynamic radius of sample molecules in between 0.2nm and 100nm.

The UV area imaging technology incorporated into the device can be used to monitor the time-dependant absorbance profile of UV active samples like proteins, peptides and chromophore containing molecules migrating through microcapillary.  Malvern Viscosizer 200 offers reliable size measurements for a wide range of applications, making it a versatile piece of equipment.

Source: Malvern Instruments

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