Waters Corp’s Oasis Method Development Tools for Faster Sample Preparation Method Development


Waters Corporation has launched its new Oasis Method Development Tools to reduce the time required for developing sample preparation methods. These web based tools are developed using the customers’ sample requirements as a part of the company’s Simple Prep campaign.

Waters Oasis Method Development Tools recommends optimized solid phase extraction (SPE) protocols that will prove helpful in developing robust LC-MS methods for high recovery. Oasis products are already being used for bioanalysis, food, clinical, environmental and many other applications and the new Oasis development tool is developed by collaborating with Oasis customers to drastically reduce the time taken for developing sample preparation methods.

The new Oasis Method Development Tools includes Micro Sample Volume Tool, Maximum Selectivity Tool and General Purpose Tool for optimizing protocols, recommending methods and screening across a broad range of compounds and molecules respectively.

Source: Waters Corporation

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